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My goal is to have my students attend colleges that are the right fit. I conduct a series of assessments with juniors to ensure that the colleges I recommend for them are a great match academically and socially, which will have a huge impact on their success. 

I enjoy helping students with varying strengths and interests. I work with students who have everything from a 3.0 to a 4.7 GPA. I also guide students in finding their passion and offer suggestions on coursework, community service and research opportunities, extracurricular activities, college majors, and potential careers. I meet with students one-on-one to build their writing and organizational skills, which they will continue to utilize once in college. I only take on a small group of students each year with whom I develop a close relationship and am therefore able to guide them individually and customize my approach.

Keeping myself informed on the latest data and feedback from the colleges is another way I am an important resource to my students. I attend professional conferences and webinars to provide my students with insight into which factors the colleges consider most important from their applicants. I also aim to destress the application process by meeting with my rising senior students weekly, keeping them on track, and breaking down the tasks into smaller assignments. With my guidance during this challenging time, I hope seniors and parents can enjoy their time together before the student goes off to college.

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