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The comprehensive college counseling program

Getting acquainted and laying the groundwork

During freshman year, the first session will entail an individualized plan for his or her academic course load, a discussion about the best way to approach extra-curricular activities, and a review of the top 10 factors colleges consider when evaluating an applicant. After this meeting, the family and counselor confirm whether they want to go forward together with the entire counseling program. This initial session is charged separately.

The Comprehensive program begins

The student and family will meet with the counselor twice during sophomore year to navigate potential changes to the original plan, confirm or change the classes for the following year, discover what the student is passionate about, and prepare a plan for the summer before junior year and test prep.


The junior year starts with a fall check-in meeting to make sure the student is off to a good start and is on track.

The search for the right fit

In January of junior year, the student will take a series of assessments. The results of these assessments, along with any test scores and the courses and grades through first-semester junior year, are then used to guide the extensive research involved in producing a list of schools that would be a good fit.


In February/ March of junior year a list of 15-30 colleges, along with a summary of the assessments, are presented to the student and parents. During that session, there is also a discussion of the student’s role in researching and paring down the list to finalize the search. The student will be given their own portal to the counselor’s online management system which has many resources to help with the research.


The student will have until June to pick the colleges they would like to apply to. The counselor is available for questions and support as needed. Twelve schools are included in the program, but the counselor will help with up to 15 for an extra fee. The final list should be balanced and include 2-3 “likely” schools, 2-3 reach schools with the remainder being “target’ schools.

The application process

The next phase of the Comprehensive College Counseling Program begins in early summer (generally in June) before senior year. The student will be working on his/her/they applications and supplemental materials. During this time the student will have weekly counseling sessions which will provide guidance and support. The goal is to have all applications submitted or completed by the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The counselor will provide:

  • Tools for managing the application process and tracking deadlines.

  • Weekly “to-do” lists based on an individualized timeline.

  • Brainstorming exercises and complete essay writing support and editing.

  • Templates and instructions for creating a high school resume and editing the final version.

  • Advise on requesting letters of recommendation.

  • Guidance on sending transcripts and test scores.

  • Help with navigating the high school Naviance system and editing student surveys.

  • A mock interview session to prepare for college interviews.

  • Guidance on filling out applications and their final review before submission.

  • If needed, a final meeting in the spring of the senior year to discuss college options and financial aid awards.

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