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"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for working with our daughter! What a lifesaver you and your husband have been to both Katie and me! I am not sure we would have gotten thru this process without you. Katie really enjoyed the time she had with you and is so grateful for all your help and guidance. I look forward to round 2 with my son!"

- Parent of 2022 Carondelet High School graduate and 2020 De La Salle High School graduate


"My daughter is living her best life at Cal Poly.  She is enjoying the school and activities immensely (evidence being we never hear from her!).  Thank you for helping her find the right fit!"

- Parent of 2022 Monte Vista High School graduate


"She really likes you! She says you are friends that laugh together and she feels completely supported by you,  so thank you for everything! We appreciate all you do."

- Parent of 2022 Monte Vista High School graduate


"Kathy was a great support and counselor throughout our family's college journey. This was our first time experiencing the college applications process and Kathy’s many years of deep experience was invaluable. Not only does Kathy thoroughly understand how to navigate the mechanics and details of the entire college application process, she has great knowledge and insight into what colleges look for from students and how students can best position themselves to compete. She provided detailed information on each college's overall academic and major specialties, campus culture, and student lifestyle. She was organized, thorough, and diligent, and as a parent, I was able to fully let go and trust that all essays, applications, deadlines, and preparation were well handled and thoroughly executed. 


I was most impressed with Kathy's care to learn about our son, and in turn, help guide him uniquely to his goals. This was most evident in Kathy's essay support. Not only was she able to hone in on my son's accomplishments and personality, she was able to support him in documenting his authentic self in his authentic voice in a beautiful, powerful, and personal way. I believe her essay guidance made an impact in helping him get accepted into many of his ‘stretch’ schools.


Thank you Kathy for your dedication and support of our son and our family for the past two years. We greatly appreciate your care in helping our son realize a bright future!"


- Parent of 2023 Acalanes High School graduate


"Kathy was an integral part of my son's college application process. She kept him organized and on task even when things at times felt overwhelming and deadlines loomed. She doesn't sugarcoat - the college process is stressful, unpredictable, and hard work - but her years of experience and steady hand were invaluable to my son and she became his trusted coach and advisor. She was one of his first calls when he got the amazing news that he was accepted into his dream ivy league university! 


Thank you for all the support you provided to our son (and us) over the past few months. You became a trusted and honest resource for him during a very challenging and stressful time.  He has strengthened lifelong skills - writing, interviewing, goal setting."


- Parent of Campolindo High School graduate


"Kathy was a pleasure to work with as our son's college counselor. We started with her towards the end of our son's sophomore year. She laid out a roadmap of what to expect and when and clearly laid out the expectations for both the student and parents. She has a comprehensive set of tools with which she evaluated our son's areas of interest and gave us invaluable advice on courses and activities that he should consider to strengthen his application. In retrospect, starting with Kathy when our son was completing sophomore made us realize that he probably would have benefited even more if we had started with her at the end of freshman year (or earlier) !!


Her college selection process was thorough, taking into account the varying interests and constraints of both the student and parents. She worked with us to develop an initial list and whittled it down to the final list of colleges. One of the dreaded parts of the college application process; the personal essay; was made easy with her methodical approach. She had weekly meetings with our son starting the summer prior to his senior year to have our son write and hone the essays. Her approach is to let the student's own voice be heard through the essays, which we strongly believe helped in his application.

One of the benefits that we appreciated working with Kathy was that she was very accessible via email, text, video meetings both for our son and us. She was willing to work around our calendars and was there to answer any questions.


Our son was the second of our two kids to go to college. Our older daughter went through another college counselor and in retrospect, there was a difference of night and day between the two counseling experiences.


We wholeheartedly recommend Kathy as someone who will help guide your child through the college admission maze."

- Parent of 2023 Dougherty Valley High School graduate


"As a parent, I found it invaluable having an expert college counselor like Kathleen Bressler on our side to help us navigate the process from balancing GPA rigor, extracurriculars, and community service to prepping for essay drafts with her competent team.


The two biggest benefits were Kathleen’s realistic expectations setting upfront with our students early in the process and secondly, strategies for tweaking our student’s major per college to match their GPA with expected acceptance levels.

All three of our students got into a top UC and other top private schools. We are very lucky to have found Kathleen."

- Parent of 2022 and 2023 Acalanes High School graduates

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